Modelling - Services and Opportunities
Artisd offers various photographic services for practicing amateur & professional models and those who may be aspiring to become models. We are not a modelling agency!
We can help you develop your portfolio, improve your modelling technique and improve your overall competence.
We also have developed a confidence building course in conjunction with Focus Coaching and Training who specialise in life coaching, disability confidence and working with university students.
The course is aimed at women who are lacking in personal confidence and low self-esteem.
The empowerment programme will holistically develop your sense of self-worth, practical knowledge of healthy wellbeing and help to develop strategies’ to deal with anxiety when performing your role in society and being perceived as a woman, through the eyes of others.

Further details of this course and Model sevices are only available upon request.
Empowerment Course - Modelling for Confidence
To me, a good rapport is essential to ensure not only good quality working shoots but fun for all parties. My enjoyment comes from creating a great piece of artistic imagery and seeing the client (private or commercial) smile with satisfaction of the final results.

   [ Additional £60-£90 fee for MUA if requested during booking your shoot ]
* Prices inclusive of post-production & supply of electronic image files for portfolio & re-print purposes.

Model (1): Outdoor Session (2-3h) Package includes:
  E-Files - 20x JPEG Digital Image files (with the rights to re-print).
•  Basic Refreshments / beverages & snacks.
Model (2): Studio/Indoor Session (2h) Package includes:
•  E-Files - 20x JPEG Digital Image files (with the rights to re-print).
Model (3): 1/2 Day Session (3-4h) Package includes:
  E-Files - 40x JPEG Digital Image files (with the rights to re-print).
•  Lunch / Dinner Inclusive.
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